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WINGS X Hexatronic

Hexatronic partners with Swedish match racing team WINGS to support their participation in the 2022 World Championships in New Zealand.

WINGS on tour

Strategy and adrenaline rush at sea. The Women's World Match Racing Tour just finished, and Swedish crew WINGS competed for the top positions. The crescendo of the tour was the World Championship in Auckland, New Zealand, in November. WINGS was going for gold but missed the semi-finals by two centimeters. 

Watch the video to meet Anna Östling and Annika Carlunger when they share their view of the adventure overseas - how brutal sports can be and what drives development. 

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Greetings from the marina

We met up with the WINGS crew at GKSS in Gothenburg, the local marina where the team does most of their training hours together. Watch the videos to get to know them more.  
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The members of WINGS all have jobs aside from sailing. Hear Annika Carlunger from WINGS on the importance of connectivity. Not only for working athletes but for everyone.
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Being at the top of your sport, you become a role model for the younger generation. Anna Skipper from WINGS tells us what they did to make the most of it. 

Get to know WINGS

Match racing team WINGS is the two-time World Champions on an endless journey for a better tomorrow. Being one of the world's best teams, WINGS takes part in developing women's match racing, both locally and globally. They strive to evolve as sailors, individuals, and leaders. Hard work and dedication are behind the success.

With 15 years of experience, this crew has built outstanding teamwork, crucial for the challenges they are up against. Specialized in different roles, every member provides their niche expertise to the team, whether it is sensing a sudden wind change, making quick decisions, or steering the ship. The crew consists of Anna Östling (skipper), Anna Holmdal White (tactics), Annie Wennergren (trim), Linnéa Wennergren (trim), Marie Grusmark (trim/pit), and Annika Carlunger (bow).

Match racing in short

Match racing is an intense and strategic form of sailing where two sailboats at a time go head to head in a race of approximately 15 minutes. The boats sail two laps, and the first to cross the finish line wins.

A collection of identical boats awaits at every new world tour destination, so the teams constantly need to adjust to new prerequisites. Boats can be anything from catamarans to ultra-modern foiling boats. 

"WINGS and Hexatronic have lots in common. We are both driven by the ambition to be at the forefront of our respective fields. The belief in the power of teamwork and a passion for technology unites us. We are proud to team up with this amazing crew of hard-working, strategic, and strong women. The way they dream big and break barriers truly inspires us."

Henrik Larsson Lyon, CEO Hexatronic Group

The future belongs to everyone

At Hexatronic, we believe the future belongs to everyone. The more people who have access to what the future has to offer, the better our tomorrow will be. When our fiber technology solutions bring non-stop connectivity to communities worldwide, we create a reliable and powerful connection to everything a digital universe can provide. No matter who you are, where you live, or where you come from.

WINGS shares our view on making the future available to more, which makes this a perfect partnership. Learn how WINGS works on this topic below. 

Boosting women's sailing

WINGS always strives to go first. They are actively working on expanding women's possibilities to compete worldwide. In 2024, women will finally be able to participate in America's Cup for the first time when the competition takes place in Barcelona. 


To give back to the sport, the team is tutoring young girls in sailing and leadership within the project smallWINGS. During camps and meet-ups, they transfer knowledge and inspire the younger generation.

Clean oceans

WINGS cooperates with the Perfect World Foundation in the struggle for clean oceans. The crew highlights the problem through their channels and always brings garbage from the shores of their local marina.