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High-speed access to a shared digital future

Hexatronic enables non-stop connectivity for communities worldwide. We partner with customers across four continents – from telecom operators to network owners – offering leading-edge fiber technology and solutions for any and all conditions. 

The future belongs to everyone

We believe the more people who have access to what the future has to offer, the better the future will be. Our job is to build that access. We make sure everything works and keeps on working. We train, support, and share what we know. When we're done, you're more than ready for tomorrow.

Hexatronic Group
in numbers

All figures are per June 30, 2024.
Net sales, R12 (MSEK)
Annual growth, R12
-4 %
Operating entities

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Our core values



Being reliable and delivering on your promises, always working for a sustainable tomorrow, is to create true value. 
At Hexatronic, we are close to our customers, share their working day, and are committed to their success.

We care for each other and build a strong and vibrant community at our workplaces. How we go about our work rests on being responsible. And so does our business. 



At Hexatronic, we are attentive, receptive, and proactive. That's how we gain long-term customer trust. And, what's more, how we create strong ties with our colleagues.

Our organization is made better by each and every one of us. We value and embrace diversity of opinion and approaches within the team. After all, ideas are only ever any good when shared. Especially with an open mind and a generous culture.



Fresh thinking is at the core of who we are. At Hexatronic, we break new ground and explore new opportunities. It's taken us to the forefront of what we do.

We can thank our passion and entrepreneurial spirit for that. And our partners, who genuinely believe in us. A thorough understanding of their needs lies at the heart of our solutions.
Did we mention that we never give up, even when faced with seemingly insoluble challenges? Necessity, after all, is the mother of invention.

Get to know our companies

Hexatronic Group consists of 37 operational entities with a total of +1900 employees. The Group’s headquarters are in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Roots tracking back to 1888

Did you know that Hexatronic's cable business dates back to the 19th century? Max Sievert founded Sieverts Kabelverk in 1888. At that time, the company located in Sundbyberg mainly manufactured telephone wires and electrical cables.

In the first half of the 20th century, LM Ericsson bought Sieverts Kabelverk. The factory in Hudiksvall opened its doors in 1967 and has been in use ever since. In 2013, Hexatronic finally took over Ericsson's cable business in Hudiksvall and has been managing the legacy of Max Sievert ever since. 

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