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Education for future-proof networks

We provide hands-on training and cutting-edge online education to strengthen a new generation of network designers, installers, and service technicians. Our companies are experts in fiber and wireless communications.

Why partner with us?

Real-world experience

Our instructors have real-world experience designing and building networks and an unparalleled ability to share this knowledge in an exciting and informative way. We always use the latest equipment for the practical elements of the courses and hands-on workshops.

Tailored courses

Our courses are designed specifically for today's fiber optic and wireless networks but can always be tailored to your specific requirements. What do you need to make your project succeed?

Anywhere, anytime

You can join our education worldwide at our training centers, customer sites, or via the latest on-demand technology, enabling the courses to be accessed anywhere and anytime. 

A person is working on a computer displaying network plans in a busy office with colleagues around.

Build a confident workforce with our educations

The training provided by the Hexatronic family of training companies centers around telecommunications engineering, particularly fiber optics and wireless. The courses cover the whole network ecosystem, from design and planning to network installation, operation, troubleshooting, and optimization.

The classes are delivered from one of the many training centers or at the customer's site, ensuring students get real-world, hands-on experience with the latest equipment, thereby mastering the required techniques and skills. Alternatively, many of our courses can also be delivered online via our dedicated on-demand training platform, ensuring we can reach our students anywhere and anytime.

A collection of five training companies specializing in telecommunication engineering

It is essential to ensure that our customers not only get the best products in the industry but can maximize these benefits by having a clear understanding of how the system operates and the skills to ensure the networks are deployed correctly.

We would love to meet

Visit our event calendar to find out where we are going next. It is the perfect way to meet our different training companies and hear more about your education possibilities. 
Nashville, TN, USA

Light Brigade at Fiber Connect

Dallas, TX, USA

Light Brigade at ISE Expo

Las Vegas, NV, USA

Light Brigade at BICSI Fall Conference

Atlanta, GA, USA

Light Brigade at SCTE Cable-Tec Expo

Paris, France

Mpirical at Network X

Washington, DC, USA

Light Brigade at Broadband Nation Expo

The latest

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Take the next step

Our experts are ready to discuss your upcoming network project and how training can benefit your results. Get in touch with us!