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Are you looking for more than a job?

Working at Hexatronic, you are part of bringing connectivity to everyone. And you also actively contribute to the ongoing digitalization and a sustainable society. Are you ready to join us?

Why join Hexatronic?

We are an ambitious and vision-driven international company where cutting-edge quality in products and ways of working is the key to success.

We believe that the best decisions are made when working close to the customer and the market. That is why we are a flexible and decentralized organization.

Hexatronic Group consists of 37 operational entities with a total of +1900 employees. 

Our four main areas

Where your skills and ambitions may come well at hand.


Design & Development

Innovation and the strive for excellence are in the DNA of our engineers.

Our products and solutions are designed and developed to meet tomorrow's demands for overall network performance and sustainability.

Our Design & Development departments are located in Sweden and United Kingdom.


Marketing &

Our attentive and knowledgeable interface to the market.

Communicating, interacting, and serving our potential and existing customers.

We have Marketing & Sales departments in Sweden, Norway, Finland, United Kingdom, Germany, United States, New Zealand, and Australia.



Manufacturing is at the heart of our operations. We have a competitive edge thanks to in-house design and development and manufacturing.

The fully owned production chain and our excellent production facilities make manufacturing a dynamic part of our activities.

The manufacturing is located in Sweden, United Kingdom, United States, and New Zealand.


Training &

Knowledge sharing and practical advice add true value to our customers. From customized training programs all the way to our hands-on field support.

Directly supporting the customer on all levels makes us stand out.

We have Training & Support departments in Sweden, Norway, Finland, United Kingdom, Germany, New Zealand, United States and Australia.

Anders Björk, Hexatronic Sweden

Networks all over the world

Anders Björk's professional role has taken him to places all over the world. As Senior Solutions Manager, he responds to customer requests from a holistic perspective. The key question: what is the best solution for the customer? 

Morgan Oag, Mpirical

Creating the framework for the future together

Meet Morgan Oag, Marketing Manager at Mpirical, to learn more about what the company does and what it means to be a part of Hexatronic Group.

Gillian Goodlet, PQMS

Buildning up the business

Say hello to Gillian Goodlet, Center Manager for PQMS Training Ltd in Livingston, Scotland. In this short video, you can learn more about the Hexatronic Group company PQMS and Gillian's journey.

Pavneet Arneja, FOS

The culture we've created

We talked to General Manager Pavneet Arneja from Fibre Optic Systems (FOS) in Australia about what he is most proud of achieving at work. The culture, he says. Get to know him and the Hexatronic Group company Fibre Optic Systems in this short video!

Explore our open positions

Have a look at our open positions worldwide to see if your skill set is needed right now? 
Chef-Lager – Hexatronic, Hudiksvall

Chef-Lager – Hexatronic, Hudiksvall