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Business ethics

We are committed to strong business ethics in our relationships worldwide and seek partners who share our values and sense of global responsibility. To build and earn trust of others, whether it is employees, customers or partners, we run every part of our business with honesty, integrity, and transparency.

Hexatronic’s Code of Conduct is a guideline on business principles and ethics for all companies in the Hexatronic Group. Hexatronic Group has also adopted policy on Anti-Corruption. All employees and company representatives are expected to comply with our policies and Code of Conduct. We hold regular trainings and all policies are available on Hexatronic Group’s intranet.

Hexatronic wants to be recognized as a reliable, long-term and responsible corporate citizen and strives to always pay the correct amount of tax in the correct country, comply with applicable tax laws and regulations. Hexatronic Group has adopted a tax policy that applies to all Hexatronic entities and employees.

We encourage our employees to ask questions and speak up if they have concerns about business practices or suspect violations of our Code of Conduct, our policies and/or applicable laws and regulations and to report misgivings or alleged misconduct to the line manager or HR representative, or by using the Hexatronic Group whistle-blower reporting service.