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For suppliers

Are you already one of our suppliers, or are you looking for future collaboration? We gathered all the info you might need about being a supplier to us. 

What we look for in a partner

Sustainability at the core

Sustainability is a top priority to us, and it is essential that you share our values. We work with three focus areas - Planet, People, and Ethics. 

Reliable and responsible

As our supplier, you are reliable, responsible, and innovative. You deliver high-quality and cost-effective products and services. Just like us.

Quality system in place

You have and maintain a Quality system i.e., preferably ISO 9001 certified to secure the consistency of the product and service quality.

Do you want to be our supplier?

Great to hear! First of all, we need to know that you share our values so we have common ground from which to start. Look through our policy documents and requirements below to ensure you qualify before reaching out. 

Code of Conduct for Suppliers

We expect you and your partners to comply with the core values and requirements in the Hexatronic Code of Conduct.

Take the next step

Do you share our values? Let our collection of policies above guide your way. If you feel that we are on the same page, you are more than welcome to contact us. Start by filling out the form! When you submit, an evaluation process starts at our end. We will contact you for more information if you meet our requirements! 

The product assortment on this website may differ from what is available where you are located. Do you want to visit the US website instead?