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Learn more about our product range, visit Hexatronic production facilities worldwide, or get all the information you need to become a supplier.

Our production categories

To get an overview of our production, let's look into our main product categories -  cables, ducts and conduits, and assemblies.
Fiber strands of different colors are braided into a cable in an industrial setting.


We make our cables at our flagship production facility in Hudiksvall, where we have a heritage of cables and product development at the forefront. We also design and manufacture dynamic cables for harsh environment at Fibron in the UK and Rochester Cable in the US. 

A close-up of an industrial machine that produces a micro duct. The machine has a metallic exterior.

Ducts and conduits

For ducts, we believe production should be as close as possible to our customers, so we have facilities worldwide from New Zealand to Austria. 

A person connecting yellow fiber optic cables to a panel. The panel is part of a computer or server system.


Assemblies are made by our team in the Baltic and the UK, but also in the US by the Data Center Systems (DCS). 

A selection of our production facilities


Do you want to be our supplier?

As our supplier, you have a central role in our strategy to deliver value to our customers. We are looking for strong collaboration partners who fulfill our selection criteria outlined below.

  • You share our values when it comes to sustainability and business ethics.
  • You are reliable, responsive, and innovative, and you deliver high-quality and cost-effective products and services.
  • You have and maintain a Quality system i.e., preferably ISO 9001 certified to secure the consistency of the product and service quality.