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The new homeway WiFi – like the first access point on the moon

The new homeway WiFi – like the first access point on the moon

We proudly present yet another Hexatronic Sustainability Award winner – the new homeway WiFi. Hexatronic Group company homeway, based out of Coburg in Germany,  provides complete inhouse multimedia systems for home networking. The new product, first released in May 2023, is miniaturized to reduce material usage, saves electricity while improving the range, and utilizes Anti-WiFi for a healthy indoor climate.

Inspired by the great sustainability initiatives from our companies worldwide, we created the Hexatronic Sustainability Award to highlight efforts with a measurable and lasting impact on environmental or social sustainability. This week, Christian Priess, Head of Central Europe Cable Business at Hexatronic, had the honor to hand over the Hexatronic Sustainability Award to the homeway team, represented by Karina Reif, Sustainability Officer and Harald Kemmann, Managing Director. 



"At homeway, we think sustainably right from the start. Miniaturization by using smaller components yields less volume, less weight, and fewer resources. We have also been able to lower the power consumption for our end-users. We are convinced that the most sustainable solution sells best and ensures a long-lasting product inventory", says Harald Kemmann. 

What is new? 

For the first time in the world, a Wi-Fi 6 access point could be installed in the wall as a flush-mounted solution thanks to miniaturization. Previously, similar devices - in a much larger design - were only available through media markets, but this product is now available to electrical installers. A new business model for the electrical installation industry (B2B2C) has emerged. When it comes to connection technology in the wall, homeway offers various solutions that optimally enable both new construction and the renovation of existing apartments.

Introducing Anti-WiFi

One of the features introduced for the new product is the Anti-WiFi. It works by first scanning the entire WLAN frequency spectrum. A counterwave is then generated for each electromagnetic wave, so that in total only zero lines remain. In the picture below this is shown for a single wave for simplicity. In reality, these are hundreds of waves at the same time. 


Above to the right: The result of the competitors superimposing many WiFi waves.
Below to the right: The result of elimination by Anti-WiFi in homeway products.

"With our newly modulated WiFi, we achieve a healthy indoor climate, save electricity, and even have a better range. It is like the first access point on the moon. It would have more range because there are no interferers", says Harald Kemmann. Learn more about the new homeway WiFi on the homeway website.  

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