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The first winner of the Hexatronic Sustainability Award

The first winner of the Hexatronic Sustainability Award

Hexatronic is on an ambitious sustainability journey with clear goals guiding our path to 2030 and beyond. Inspired by the great sustainability initiatives from our companies worldwide, we created the Hexatronic Sustainability Award to highlight initiatives with a measurable and lasting impact on environmental or social sustainability.

Pernilla Eriksson, Sustainability Manager at Hexatronic Group, says,"Hexatronic Group's annual Sustainability Award aims to inspire progress, foster resilience, and celebrate outstanding efforts in corporate sustainability. Through this recognition, we want to celebrate all sustainability initiatives across the Group and be extra inspired by the winning initiatives that have shown a powerful demonstration of our dedication to contribute to a more sustainable society. The organizations, teams, and individuals behind the winning initiatives have shown outstanding efforts in corporate sustainability that benefit both people and the planet. These groundbreaking teams are making a difference!"

The Stingray box

Our first-ever winner is Hexatronic in Hudiksvall, Sweden, which developed the new Stingray box. And it is not just any box. The team dug into the smallest details, considering functionality, materials, and logistical challenges. The result - they managed to improve shipping efficiency and considerably lower the environmental footprint of the box while improving the handling for installers at the same time.

What is new?

The super compact box for our Stingray 1-6 fibers is made of water-repellant, fully recyclable FSC-certified cardboard. The minimal size yields an average of 50% less packaging material1. A snap-lock mechanism on the cover eliminates the need for single-use plastic wrapping, and all unnecessary plastic in the construction was removed. And the best part - in the new compact size a standard pallet can host 42 boxes instead of 14 standard boxes, which increases shipping efficiency and gives up to 67% lower emissions from shipping and handling.2 Finally, installers can enjoy a product that is easy to carry, handle, and transport with improved feeding.

  1. Calculation based on weight comparison on typical sizes.
  2. Calculation based on the volume of full pallets.

Sustainability-Award-3Erika Berg, CEO of Hexatronic in Hudiksvall, hands over the Sustainability Award to Jonas Ekstedt, the developer of the Stingray box.

Stay tuned for our second winner - the new homeway Wi-Fi.

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