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Insights into the submarine cable industry and sustainable business

Insights into the submarine cable industry and sustainable business

Total Telecom has interviewed Anders Ljung about Hexatronic’s growth in the subsea cable business, Hexatronic’s continuous work with sustainability and the newly released pod The Fiber Pod.

Hexatronic’s growth in the submarine cable industry

In this interview Anders Ljung, Business Manager for Submarine Cable Solutions at Hexatronic, shares insights about the development within the submarine cable industry, Hexatronic’s progress, interesting markets and their prerequisites and much more.

Sustainable business

Anders elaborates on the important topic of sustainability that is one of Hexatronic’s key focus areas, and what sustainability means for Hexatronic and which actions and goals that are outlined. Furthermore, he adds to the discussion what defines sustainable business within the subsea cable industry for Hexatronic and how this can be fulfilled.

The Fiber Pod

Total Telecom’s has discovered The Fiber Pod – the new industry pod that shares insights from around and within the fiber optic industry, where one of the episodes is dedicated to All you need to know about submarine cables.

Read the full interview from Total Telecom covering these topics and more: The submarine cable market according to Hexatronic

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