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A holistic approach to sustainable development – 2023 and beyond

A holistic approach to sustainable development – 2023 and beyond

Hexatronic is proud to have contributed to the recent Global Outlook edition of the Submarine Telecoms Forum magazine. In this featured article on sustainable development, Pernilla Eriksson, Sustainability Manager, Hexatronic, and Lynsey Thomas, subsea specialist, discuss how it is particularly important that cable system suppliers, component manufacturers, and marine vessel operators, as providers of critical infrastructure, take their responsibility to the planet seriously.

Sustainability awareness and clear targets

At Hexatronic, we have put in place 13 key actions to reduce our impact on the environment. Recognizing the urgency of the climate crisis, we have committed to 1.5oC science-based emissions reducing targets. Our main focus is high resource efficiency and offering more sustainable products and services. Some of these include: reducing goods transportation by optimizing pack sizes, coordinating product deliveries, improving forecasting, and establishing local production. Changing modes of goods transportation from air to shipping/train, moving towards a zero-emissions vehicle fleet, and introducing new climate adapted materials and technologies.

In the article, Pernilla details how we measure, record, and analyze parameters that will help to determine what changes need to be made and at what scale.

The change is now

Having sustainability goals is important, but ensuring they are achieved is paramount. Understanding the enablers required to reach targets and actions defined in a company's sustainability roadmap is the key.

For the subsea community to fully embrace change, we need to ensure that sustainability needs become a fully integrated part of every business: they should be a natural and integrated part of decision-, steering-, monitoring-, acquisition-, and planning processes.

Company cultures need to change, and management teams must 'walk the talk.' The involvement and collaboration of employees, customers, suppliers, and stakeholders are crucial. Let's inspire change by fostering creativity, awareness, and communication.

Read the full article here: SubTel Forum Magazine #128 - Global Outlook

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