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The greatest value is created by products and solutions that allow efficient, problem-free installation and operation.

7 reasons for choosing Hexatronic

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We create the greatest value for network owners by delivering high-quality products that allow a long service life, low maintenance costs – and lowest total cost of ownership.
Superior performance at 40% lower cost


Superior performance at 40% lower cost

  • World's most robust microcable.
  • Extra slim and flexible.
  • Higher installation speed and longer installation lengths.
Blowing 20% faster – and longer


Blowing 20% faster – and longer

  • No sheath shrinkage – no fragile splice points.
  • Extreme operational temperature range.
  • Pre-terminated options save costs - delivered in a sustainable way.
Ultra discreet cabling solution

Discreet Cabling System

Ultra discreet cabling solution

  • Swift ‘plug-and-play’ installation.
  • Low visual impact solution to please discerning customers.
  • CPR Rated and 18th Edition Compliant.
Powered fiber hybrid smart infrastructure


Powered fiber hybrid smart infrastructure

  • Secure power and fiber supply at lowest possible total cost.
  • High power – slim cable. Can be installed in existing infrastructure of microducts.
  • Support for all network topologies.

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Said about Viper

“For us, Viper means that we can install larger dimensions of cables in smaller ducts, which really facilitates our job and lets us get much more fiber to many more customers across a wider area. This means less investment for us in ducts and pipes to install a larger cable and it has been very successful.

In certain areas, we have found that we reduce our installation time from 32 working days to 16 hours, which for us has really changed the way we work.”

Anders Sjöström, Senior project manager, Eltel Networks, Sweden