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Case 1:



Upgrading transport networks for future demands

Our costumer Fiberdrift specialises in building and upgrading transport networks. With an ever increasing demand for network capacity, a lot of the existing infrastructure is in need of upgrades or expansion. Fiberdrift is committed to deliver robust and secure infrastructure of the highest quality. 

By using Hexatronic fiberoptical solutions Fiberdrift are able to provide efficient and sustainable quality transport networks for their costumers.

Watch the video with Roger Thoresen, CEO and Roger Bruvang, project manager at Fiberdrift to learn more about how they handle the challenges they face when building and upgrading transport networks to meet the demands of the future.  

Case: 2

Tinn Energi og Fiber

Tinn Energi og Fiber

"The overall experience of working with Hexatronic and the solutions they have presented has been very good. It is never a problem to get answers to questions that we may have in relation to the products or delivery time."

Bjørn Sondre Hegard, Technical Manager, Tinn Energi og Fiber


  • Enabling fiber over long distances.
  • Securing efficient lead times and product availability.
  • Harsh winter climate and conditions.


  • Microducts and microcables from Hexatronic for optimal installation performance.
  • Hexatronic Viper micro cables developed to perform in low temperatures.
  • Partnership model with Hexatronic provides products tailored to project requirements.
  • Complete system solutions provide verified product compatibility.


  • Fiber deployment over 12 km with air-blown fiber.
  • On-time delivery, hence reaching project goals.
  • Shared technical competence and product knowledge.
  • Close relationship and dialogue enabled efficiency of the project.

Case 3:


“We are delighted with what we achieve together.”

Greg Mesch, CEO, CityFibre, United Kingdom


  • The cost of a programme, 80% labour based, and 20% materials.
  • Procurement traditionally focuses on network construction as a procurement exercise and try to drive down component cost.
  • Our focus is on efficiency and to drive down labour cost.


  • Picking a few strategic partners to drive efficiency - to speed us up and lower our cost.
  • We use Hexatronic as the component supplier and as an improvement partner, which means that when getting better we can go faster, and optimise our labour rates.
  • Hexatronic also provide training for our construction partners in how to build networks efficiently.


  • The training alone speeded up the time to get the construction partners efficient, from 9-12 months down to three months, leading to millions of pounds in savings.
  • Productivity achieved in all city implementations, based on the experience from the city implemented.
  • Delivered at our cost point.
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