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Submarine Optical Cable Part

GJL 12-96 fibers

  • For integration into hybrid submarine cables
  • Exremely robust
  • Depths down to 3000 m
  • 12-96 fibers

The GJL is a cable part used for integration into submarine cable products such as power cables. The extremely robust and hermetical sealing ensures best possible protection of the fibers downto 3000 m depth.

The cable part is based on a hermetically sealed stainless tube. Inside the tube the fibers are free to move in thixotropic water blocking compound. The steel tube is protected by a semicon-ductive polyethylene sheath. The fibers are easy to identify due to color and the colored yarns. The cable part is designed to be integrated in submarine electrical power cables.

Submarine Optical Cable Part - Technical Details

The cable is available with various fiber types. Contact Hexatronic for more information.

Technical Information

Max. Water Depth [m] 3000