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Hexatronic presents a new series of super slim micro cables

Hexatronic presents a new series of super slim micro cables

The Hexatronic Viper series of state-of-the-art micro cables has been accompanied with a new range of even slimmer high-performance cables.

The new cables utilize bend-insensitive 200 µm fibers (G.657.A1), fully compatible with legacy fibers. Compared to 250 µm fibers, the 200 µm technology enable extremely slim cable designs that can be installed in super slim microducts. This results in lower handling and transportation cost as well as lower total carbon footprint.

The micro cables are available in a range starting from the ultra slim 72 fiber (Ø 4.3 mm) cable to the extremely fiber dense 864 fiber cable (Ø 11.7 mm).

The 72-fiber cable can be installed in microducts with an inner diameter of only 6 mm. When compared to traditional micro cables that requires ducts of typically 8-10 mm, this opens unique opportunities for lowering installation cost, especially for branched FTTx applications.

On the other end of the range, the 864-fiber version is a perfect match for fiber-rich networks such as emerging 5G and data center solutions. If there is a need of even more fibers, several cables can be installed in parallel in a single microduct assembly with 2, 4 or even 7 microducts, enabling a total fiber capacity of up to 6048 fibers. A truly astonishing capacity!

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