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Hexatronic is a proud corporate partner of Hand in Hand

Hexatronic is a proud corporate partner of Hand in Hand

At Hexatronic we strive to make a difference by actively contributing to the development of society, both globally and locally. We aim to make a change by supporting initiatives and operations that strive for a socially and environmentally sustainable future.

A partnership that matters

Hexatronic is a proud corporative partner of Hand in Hand, a non-profit organization that works with entrepreneurship models to reduce poverty. The model of entrepreneurship strives to support people to improve their lives by helping them to start and run small and profitable businesses to earn a living, become more independent and create job opportunities – for themselves and others.

Hexatronic supports training and education in entrepreneurship

During 2021, Hexatronic Group started to support a project that is focusing on strengthening the people in Chawia village in Kenya. The project will run for over 2,5 years and the aim is to help reduce poverty, increase gender equality, improve democracy and health, and promote a more sustainable use of natural resources, using a unique entrepreneurship model aimed at women among the poorest parts of the population.

The groups in Chawia will be introduced to entrepreneurial skills, financial management, value-chain development, climate resilience practiced and more, to pave way for an empowered society with sustainable jobs and enterprises.

Work opportunities make a difference

Hand in Hand is well known for the considerable impact the outcome of their projects have for the local populations and we are proud to be a part of supporting the improvements of the lives for people in need. Concrete actions and measurable targets are among others:

  • Reduce poverty by entrepreneurship
  • Create work opportunities
  • Empower women’s position and enable for them to provide for their families
  • Create possibilities for more children to attend school
  • Long-term life change for persons living in poverty
  • Create sustainable societies
  • Specific and measurable results

We look forward to following and supporting the women and men in Chawia, when they are paving the way for a long-term, sustainable, and independent future for themselves and their families.

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