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Entrepreneurial skills empower women in Chawia village

Entrepreneurial skills empower women in Chawia village

May 17, 2023

In Chawia village, Kenya, the Community Uplift Program led by Hand in Hand is proceeding, and the members of the Community Based Organization are continuously making progress in developing their businesses.

Hexatronic Group is a proud corporative partner of Hand in Hand, a non-profit organization that works with entrepreneurship models. The main objective of the project in Chawia is to work with female members of the village to support them in creating sustainable enterprises and work opportunities. 

Education is key to development and growth

 In Chawia village, the primary focus areas are:

  • Social mobilization
    Organize groups to gather project participants for active participation and embrace the strengths and benefits of being a group member.
  • Entrepreneurship training
    The combination of effectively onboarding members and providing them with business and financial literacy training, meaning the enterprise training provides participants with a sustainable path to business development.
  • Marketing and micro-finance
    By gaining skills in financial management and access to credit, the members have increased their income and savings and are paving the way for an independent future.
  • Environment and gender
    At this stage in the project, members learn about climate change issues, the effects and impacts, and adaption to climate change along with climate resilient practices in the household.

"Most of the groups are under training, and the members have adopted the training well. We envision to having a strong Community Based Organization that will help to equip members with more skills on value addition and market linkage for sustainability of the project and their enterprises."
 - Maurine Williams, Business trainer in the Community Uplift Programme, Chawia

Independence makes a difference for individuals and families

Through the training provided in the program, many members have been able to establish, develop and expand their businesses. By gaining knowledge about business opportunities, budgets, and market positions, the members become equipped with valuable insights to become more independent and be able to provide for their families and pay for their children's school fees.

"I am glad I have actualized my dream of being a poultry farmer. The enterprise training has really helped me in managing my business and coming up with more business ideas. I have so far been able to expand my poultry business, and the progress has been great."
 - Rejoyce, member of the Community Uplift Programme, Chawia

Entrepreneurship models shaping a brighter future

At Hexatronic, we strive to make a difference by actively contributing to the development of society, both globally and locally. Hand in Hand's model of entrepreneurship strives to support people to improve their lives by helping them to start and run small and profitable businesses. By doing so, they can earn a living, become more independent, and create job opportunities – for themselves and others.

We look forward to following and supporting the women and men in Chawia, as they are paving the way for a long-term, sustainable, and independent future for themselves and their families.

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