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Hexatronic Microduct ECO - a new generation developed for the future

If you are interested in reducing the carbon footprint of your FTTH project, we have some insights to share with you.

High performance with low carbon footprint verified by rigorous calculations and tests

Hexatronic Microduct ECO is the solution for those who require a combination of high performance and reliability while reducing environmental impact.

With our commitment to sustainability, we have carefully calculated and verified the carbon footprint of all our products. You can be sure that you are getting a product that delivers impressive results and minimizes your impact on our planet. 

* Calculated reduction of CO2e, >33% compared to the equivalent product made from virgin material, see below.



How our product developers tackled the task

The new Hexatronic Microduct ECO is designed with a unique 3-layer technology. Using recycled material provides climate benefits, but also presents challenges. Watch the movie to get an insight into how our product developers solved the task.
A worker in a factory handling a large spool of bright green micro duct.

Hexatronic Microduct ECO

  • Lower climate impact
  • Recycled materials
  • Manufactured with renewable energy
  • Designed to be easily recyclable
  • Unique 3-layer technology
  • Verified lifespan and performance

Lower climate impact

Most of the materials in these microducts are selected, quality recycled plastics and, therefore, minimize the carbon footprint compared to our ducts made from virgin petroleum-based plastics. We calculate and compare the climate impact according to Cradle-to-Grave life cycles, which include all emissions from raw materials to finished products packed for delivery. The cable drum with which the ducts are delivered is also included in the calculations.


Recycled materials

At least 51% of the material in the products is recycled. The recycled material comes mainly from our production waste. In the future, returns and surplus lengths from our customers will also be reused with other high-quality recycled plastics. In addition, we always verify the materials so that their lifespan and performance are not negatively affected.


Manufactured with renewable energy

We manufacture these microducts in a central Sweden production facility powered by certified renewable energy, mainly hydropower. Our central location in the middle of Sweden keeps freight transportation to the Nordic region as short as possible.


Designed to be easily recyclable

Even items designed for extended usage must eventually be recyclable. Microduct ECO is designed to facilitate recycling. We do not mix materials that must be separated during recycling to avoid costly processes. The same type of material is used throughout, and no unnecessary details are added.

Microduct ECO3 layer technology

Unique 3-layer technology

Unique 3-layer technology resulting in clearly coloured and distinguishable tubes and an inner layer with the lowest possible friction. The main material can consist of a high proportion of recycled material that is naturally not recoloured.


Verified lifespan and performance

Our microducts offer performance equivalent to ducts made from virgin materials. Mechanical performance, blowability and lifetime simulations are performed for each item, and the same requirements are set for equivalent products made from virgin material. All are carefully verified in our labs.

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