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Insights about the Spanish FTTH market – development and trends

Insights about the Spanish FTTH market – development and trends

Hexatronic May 9, 2022

Tune in to The Fiber Pod and this episode that is fully focused on the Spanish market, a mature FTTH market that started early with the FTTH roll-out, and learn what’s their focus forward.

We are pleased introduce Pedro Abad, our guest in the fifth episode of the Fiber Pod. Pedro has more than 20 years of professional experience from the technology and telecom industry. He has worked in large companies such as France Telecom and Nokia and is now holding the position as CEO and is co-founder of the newly established company Asteo Red Neutra. Pedro Abad is based in Madrid, Spain and in this episode, he contributes with his knowledge and as spokesperson for the Spanish market.

“The evolution will go more in the adoption for new solutions with a more sustainable approach when it comes to the installation, maintenance and repairs.”
- Pedro Abad

Take part of following insights from the Spanish market in The Fiber Pod:

  • Spain’s early start with FTTH roll-out has made them a mature market when it comes to FTTH technology. They have 86% overall coverage but only 60% coverage in rural areas, learn more about why there’s a difference between urban and rural areas.
  • Drivers for FTTH deployment and a fully digitalized society, and the following challenges and advantages.
  • The impact of the pandemic related to the increased demand of digitalization.
  • Reflections about 5G build-out and big data centers and the preparations of coming needs for 5G and smart cities.
  • Challenges in the Spanish market covering migrations from networks, due to increased competition for the operators to bring high-capacity solutions to consumers.
  • Insights about typical ways of building fiber optic networks in Spain and in particular about the process in rural areas.

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