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Just in - The world's slimmest 24 fiber air-blown cable

Just in - The world's slimmest 24 fiber air-blown cable

Hexatronic is excited to release a new Stingray product with 24 fibers to the market. Customers can enjoy the advantages of the world's slimmest 24 fiber air-blown cable to increase capacity in existing ducts or to lower the environmental impact by choosing slimmer duct systems in new projects. 

When to use Stingray 24 Fiber?

Stingray air-blown fiber containing 2 to 12 fibers has been a popular choice for fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) infrastructure since it launched in 2014. The 24 fiber newcomer in the Stingray family is a complement adding new possibilities. One of the perks of blown fiber is that it can be added to ducts already installed. With more fibers, Stingray 24 Fiber is the smart option for increasing capacity, especially in feeder and distribution networks for FTTH applications. Stingray 24 Fiber can also enhance the drop connections for companies, which outgrew their capacity. 

Stingray 24 Fiber delivers a more environmentally friendly alternative for new, upcoming projects since you can go for slimmer ducts. Naturally, production needs less material which is excellent. However, the most significant benefits are transportation, handling, and installation. Reducing the duct diameter by 2 leads to a volume reduction by 4, which leads to substantial transportation and handling savings. 

High performance for all conditions

With a diameter of merely 1.6 mm, the new Stingray 24 Fiber is highly flexible and blows up to 1000 meters. The temperature range makes the product unique - install it in temperatures from -40 to +70°C. No matter what the condition is, Stingray 24 Fiber is a good option.   

Super slim design, high capacity, and state-of-the-art blowing performance. Sounds interesting? Please reach out to us to explore how Stingray 24 Fiber can benefit your project, or read more here.  

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