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We are Hexatronic Group

Local roots,
global growth

The companies in Hexatronic Group, located in Europe, North America, Oceania, and Asia, retain their original local roots and growth power and have their own profitability responsibility, which contributes to a strong entrepreneurial spirit in the Group. Operational units are incorporated under the Hexatronic brand as a starting point, but local brands may be retained where strategically relevant.

Operating entities
Business model

Hexatronic in the value chain

We are part of building the digital infrastructure, which is an essential enabler for communities, businesses and individuals to grow and develop.

With in-house development and manufacturing, we can offer solutions that help our customers and partners towards successful business and projects. In order to further support our customers, we also offer field support and training services. Our offering is based on our customers’ main challenge: to manage effective, successful projects that result in robust, futureproof networks. This requires high-quality products, as well as a skilled workforce.

About the Group

The two main benefits

Combining big and small

The group consists of independent and entrepreneurial companies that strive to be market leaders in their respective niches. The Group supports and directs the companies through a Group-wide governance and finance system.

The companies in the Group are jointly developed through collaboration on market terms between the sister companies. We combine a big company's stability and resources with a small company's flexibility and speed.

Growing organically and through acquisitions

Growth is necessary to attract the best people. Our Group's growth comes from organic growth and partly from acquisitions. Organic growth is achieved by continuously developing the respective companies' offer through a wider range of products and more value-added services such as service, aftermarket sales, support, education and finance solutions.

Get to know our companies

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