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ABF Stripping Tools

For the Hexatronic Stingray ABF

  • Compact and easy to use
  • Performs precision sheath removal
  • Designed for Hexatronic Stingray ABF
Blue, plastic molded ABF stripping tool with Hexatronic logotype

This compact and low-cost tool is used for safe, quick and easy removal of the coating on Hexatronic Stingray air blown fibers (ABF). It is equipped with two grooves for 2-6f, and 8-12f ABF units

The tool is plastic molded and when used correctly, up to 500+ sheath removal operations can be performed before a replacement is required.

When performing installations, the tool can temporarily be put on your finger as a ring.

The tool can be attached to a keychain.

Technical Information

Installation Notes This tool is specially designed for the Hexatronic Stingray air blown fibers only. Do not use for other types of air blown fibers. The two grooves have different depths. Ensure to use the correct groove for your specific type of Stingray fiber. Do not twist the tool when pressing together. See instructions before use.