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ADSS Loose Tube Aerial Cable

GRHLGL 12-144 fibers G652D StdE 14.5-18.0 kN

  • Concentric core design
  • 24-144 fibers
  • Max span length 200-500 m
  • Self-supporting
  • Non-metallic
Three different versions of ADSS loose tube aerial non-metallic cable with black sheath

The cable is an ADSS, non-metallic cable using concentric core design. The cable is based on the GRHLDV cable but with a layer of aramid yarn as strength member covered with a second sheath enabling a robust cable design.

The cable is suitable for installation in rough climates with high ice-loads and max span length 200-500 m. There is a suitable cable (TOL 403 2002) for shorter length.

It can be installed adjacent to power lines up to 120 kV.

This cable is part of our Aerial Cable System comprising cables, installation and network materials.

The cable is a dual sheathed non-metallic cable using concentric core design and aramide yarns as strength member between the sheaths.

ADSS Loose Tube Aerial Cable - Technical Details
  1. Primary coated fiber: Silica, acrylate
  2. Filling compound: Thixotropic gel
  3. Loose tube: PBT
  4. Central strength member: Glass fiber reinforced plastic
  5. Water blocking: Swellable tape/yarns
  6. Sheath: Polyethylene (black)
  7. Strength member: Aramid yarns
  8. Sheath: Polyethylene (black)

Technical Information

Product Color Black Sheath
Color Code STDE
Temperature, Operation [°C] -40 to +70
Temperature, Storage [°C] -40 to +70
Temperature, Installation [°C] -15 to +50
Water Blocking Longitudinal water blocking according to IEC 60794-1-2-F5B
Fiber Type G652D
Attenuation @Wavelength [nm] 1310/1550/1625
Maximum Attenuation [dB/km] 0.36/0.23/0.25
Conformance Longitudinal water blocking according to IEC 60794-1-2-F5B.
Mechanical and environmental tests in accordance with IEC 60794-1.
Fiber parameters and tests according to the IEC series 60793-2 and 60793-1.
Marking Example of sheath marking, 1 time/meter:
“HEXATRONIC A35 yymmddhh TOL4032008/96A GRHLGL-L-CDFNRV 96/T12 G652D STD xxxxx m"
where yymmddhh = year, month, day and hour of manufacture, xxxxx=running meter marking.
Installation Notes The cable can be installed adjacent to power lines up to 120 kV.
Ordering Information Supplied lengths: 2, 4, 6 or 8 km

Technical image # 1
StdE Color Code Chart