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FTTH & Fiber Access

Multi Dwelling Units

Bringing fiber to apartments fast and cost-effectively.
  • Discrete with low visual impact
  • Micro-size technology for fast installation
  • Pre-connectorized solutions for fast high-quality installation

Indoor microduct

Air-blown technology is a very fast and safe way to install fiber into apartment buildings. A microduct network is built on day one and then fiber can be blown at any time when the need arises.

With Hexatronic you get

  • Nano sized ducts (Ø3mm) that are easy to install and costly core drilling can be avoided.
  • A visually discrete solution due to down-sized duct assemblies.
  • A complete range of duct systems, wall enclosures and Stingray air-blown fiber units.
  • Full compliance with industry fire performance standards for indoor duct systems.

Indoor cable

A cable solution allows for a fast deployment of a traditional FTTH network without investments in installation tools.

With Hexatronic you get

  • Riser distribution cables based on tight buffer or miniaturised micro cable based designs for maximum space utilization.
  • Drop cables based on tight buffer designs with both splicing or pre-terminated options with highly bend resistant G657A2 or B3 optical fibers.
  • High capacity yet compact floor termination enclosures for both spliced and pre-terminated options.
  • Full compliance with CPR requirements up to class Cca.

Façade cable

A very cost-effective and fast way to deploy fiber cables externally on buildings.

With Hexatronic you get

  • A complete solution of products designed to be installed in an outdoor environment with UV-light present.
  • Distribution and drop cables with low visual impact and special extra high strength sheath materials with high UV-resistance.
  • Wall enclosures for both spliced and pre-terminated options, tailored for the application.

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