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Microduct 16/12 mm

TWD 16/12 mm Primary Tube, ft

  • For direct burial
  • 16/12 mm microducts
  • Low friction inner surface
  • Longitudinal grooves for maximum installation lengths
Three thick walled microducts in green, orange and blue

The thick walled microduct are designed with an inner low friction surface that enables installation of micro cables or nano cables. The thick inner wall of the microducts allow for installation directly into the ground without the need for additional protection.

16/12 mm microducts are optimized for installation of micro cables and nano cables. The microducts have a low-friction inner surface with longitudinal grooves for best blowing performance.

Microducts: HDPE

Technical Information

Temperature, Operation [°C] -40 to +60
Temperature, Storage [°C] -40 to +60
Temperature, Installation [°C] -20 to +50

ASTM F2160: Standard Specification for solid wall HDPE conduit based on controlled outside diameter.

ASTM D3350 (CELL CLASSIFICATION 334480C OR E): Standard Specification for PE plastic pipe and

fitting materials-resins exceeding the above cell class in one or more properties is acceptable.

BELLCORE GR-356-CORE – (SECTION 4.2.5): Siloxane additive in duct wall for permanent low Coefficient

of Friction per Bellcore Specification.

TESTING: All microducts are tested with a metal ball 85% of ID.


Microducts have markings showing the type and tube length. The individual microducts are identified by their colors.

12 different colors are available: orange, yellow, red, white, green, violet, blue, grey, turquoise,black, brown, pink.