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Ultra Discreet Cable

Compact 900um fiber for discreet cable installations

  • Small diameter
  • Ultra Bend Resistant
  • Flexible
  • LSZH Material (PA Option)
  • IEC 60793
  • ITU G.650, G657.B3

900um Slim Discreet cable is perfect for installing in Subscriber premises where it is desirable to keep cable visibility to a minimum.

The 900um Tight buffered Discreet cable from Hexatronic is also well suited for manufacturing Pigtails that require small bend radius installations.

The 900um G657B3 cable is based on an ultra-strong bend single-mode optical fiber produced by the Vapour Phase Axial Deposition (VAD) method. The ultra-strong bend single-mode optical fiber has step-index and matched clad type characteristics operating in the entire wavelength region from 1280 nm to 1625 nm in compliance with the latest ITU-T G.657.B3 standards. Its low sensitivity to macro-bending results in lower attenuation levels in the 1600 nm wavelength region. This fiber also has low PMD (Polarization Mode Dispersion) and supports legacy transmission equipment and applications.