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CTB2 Distribution Box

Distribution box for MDU scenarios, configurable for P2P and P2MP networks

  • Robust / Impact Resistant
  • Cost-Effective
  • UV Stable
  • Multifunctional
  • V0 Fire-rated (grey option for I/O)

MDU Demarcation/Distribution Point

The CTB2 is a universal enclosure that has been developed for housing fibre connectivity. The versatile design gives the CTB2 the ability to accommodate a number of connectivity solutions, Splice only, Splice and patch and even splitter modules.

The Box is a High-Quality ABS housing that can be supplied in a variety of colours. Internally, the Box can come equipped with either a plastic or metal module to accommodate fibre storage cable management.

For splice only applications, the CTB2 is supplied with an internal splice cassette with 48F splice capacity and midspan storage space behind the cassette. Pre-tailed versions are also available with fanout cables pre-installed.

The CTB2 can be used in conjunction with the wall/pole mount bracket which provides additional cable anchoring points and cable storage for overlength behind the box.

42mmD × 150mmW × 270mmH

Technical Information

Product Color Black, Brown, VO Grey