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Why Hexatronic?

To get the lowest possible total cost of ownership (TCO) things must be simple.

Easily installed products of high quality mean a smooth rollout with minimum downtime, lower maintenance requirement, and longer life in the network.

Based on our extensive experience and know-how you get excellence in products, way of working, and the lowest total cost of ownership.

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We always strive to deliver to the best of you, our customers. And, even though our latest customer survey shows a high level of satisfaction, we always aim to improve.

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Case 1:


“We are delighted with what we achieve together.”

Greg Mesch, CEO, CityFibre, United Kingdom


  • The cost of a programme, 80% labour based, and 20% materials.
  • Procurement traditionally focuses on network construction as a procurement exercise and try to drive down component cost.
  • Our focus is on efficiency and to drive down labour cost.


  • Picking a few strategic partners to drive efficiency - to speed us up and lower our cost.
  • We use Hexatronic as the component supplier and as an improvement partner, which means that when getting better we can go faster, and optimise our labour rates.
  • Hexatronic also provide training for our construction partners in how to build networks efficiently.


  • The training alone speeded up the time to get the construction partners efficient, from 9-12 months down to three months, leading to millions of pounds in savings.
  • Productivity achieved in all city implementations, based on the experience from the city implemented.
  • Delivered at our cost point.

Case 2:


“We are mutually working harder every day.”

Matthew Hare, CEO, Zzoomm, United Kingdom


  • Bring fiber broadband to underserved towns across the UK, that today have to rely on old copper networks.
  • Find a supplier with the right equipment and services, that could support us in delivering the most fabulous experience, and that shared our values of responsiveness, openness, agility and reliability. Providing flexibility and keeping what they promise.


  • Choose Hexatronic after evaluation numerous potential suppliers, they gave us the best combination of value and partnership.
  • Combining our specialist areas, where we mainly used Hexatronic for equipment and logistics, while we focus on the best broadband service.
  • Modifying industry-standard products to enable a better experience.
  • Weekly delivery of supplies, directly to site or our warehouse.


  • Happy customers (homes, business and towns) due to minimization of disruptions.
  • Delivering on time.
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