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Densify your 5G small cell network

Quickly densifying the grid of small cells is essential to keep up with the demand for improved wireless coverage. Interested in an out-of-the-box solution for connecting small cells with both fiber and power? Check out InOne Powered Fiber for 5G small cells.

What you get with InOne Powered Fiber

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InOne Powered Fiber System is not limited to one application. Visit the InOne page to: 

  • Explore more benefits and possible applications
  • Watch useful videos showing our system
  • Find quick links to products and data sheets
Customer story

How Sichert powered up passive cabinets with InOne

In an exciting cooperation between Hexatronic and Sichert, our powered fiber solution InOne is used to showcase how to activate passive infrastructure. Bringing powered fiber to passive cabinets opens up many new business opportunities, such as 5G, public WiFi, LoRaWan, and monitoring.

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Stockholm, Sweden

Hexatronic in Sweden at SKYDD 2024

Step into our online showroom

Book a session in our online showroom to learn more about the InOne Powered Fiber system! You'll get a closer look at our revolutionary system, and what benefits and possibilities it brings to the field of 5G and wireless. The presentation will be hosted by Jawad Saadi, Managing Director of the Powered Fiber Business Division at Hexatronic. 


Build your own network in our design tool

How far do you need to go? And what is the load? In our design tool you can test your system. 

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Curious to know if our InOne Powered Fiber system could be a good fit for your project? Just drop us an email to get the conversation going. We will get back to you shortly!