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InOne Powered Fiber

Deploy the InOne hybrid power and fiber infrastructure to all your devices. Save on time and civil works, and create redundancy. Monitor the infrastructure of your critical application with the InOne smart network. Eliminate the need of having two networks, one for the power and another for the fiber.

Why choose InOne?

What is your application?

InOne can be used for a diversity of applications such as 5G Small sites and Public WiFi, Smart Cities, IoT, Surveillance Systems and much more.

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The InOne Powered Fiber System consists of all components needed for safe end-to-end transmission of power and fiber.

Meet our customers

What challenges can the InOne system solve? We recommend you hear it from our customers. Enjoy!

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Stockholm, Sweden

Hexatronic in Sweden at SKYDD 2024

New to InOne?

No problem. Just start here by watching our short introduction videos on Powered Fiber, the InOne system, and its applications.

Powered Fiber explained

Powered Fiber is the most efficient way to connect power and fiber the outdoor devices. This video explains how Powered Fiber works, and introduces the Hexatronic InOne Powered Fiber System. 


InOne introduction

Watch this brief introduction and find out how the InOne Hybrid Power and Fiber System can achieve high security and redundancy of your critical devices, while saving more than 50% of the infrastructure cost.


InOne hands-on and applications

The InOne is a powered-fiber system for providing power and fiber connectivity to devices. Watch this hands-on demo and gain insights on the advantages with InOne.

Step into our online showroom

Book a session in our online showroom to learn more about the InOne Powered Fiber system! You'll get a closer look at our revolutionary system, its benefits, and what the solutions can do for you. The presentation will be hosted by Jawad Saadi, Managing Director of the Powered Fiber Business Division at Hexatronic. 


Build your own network in our design tool

How far do you need to go? And what is the load? In our design tool you can test your system. 

Reach out to us

Curious to know if our InOne Powered Fiber system could be a good fit for your project? Just drop us an email to get the conversation going. We will get back to you shortly!