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Are you looking
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a solution?

A solution is a combination of compatible products and services adapted to your specific environment, needs, and circumstances.

Why think solution?

Time is money!

Typically, 85% of the installation cost is labor cost. Saving installation time is your key to better business.

A complete product range end-to-end

  • One-stop-shop convenience.
  • All application needs covered.

Designed to work together

  • Verified product compatibility.
  • Hassle-free installation.
  • Unsurpassed performance.

Faster and smaller

  • Air-blown technology 20% faster than standard air-blown systems.
  • Nano-sized products fit into congested pathways without drilling.

Your partner – all the way

  • Knowledge, training, and field support.
  • Fully available from your first call to your fully operating fibre optic network.
  • Materials are delivered directly to your storage or project site.

Solutions for any fiber optic application

With Hexatronic you can have an optimized end-to-end solution for any kind of application.

Don't know which products to combine?

One of our solution experts will help you find the optimal products for your specific applications and needs.

Just complete the form and we will get back within a working day.

Solutions for powered fiber application

Are you looking for a solution ideal for locations where local power is not available or when the available power is either not reliable or controlled by others? Learn more about our offer and how it can benefit your projects.

The InOne Solution

Looking for more information?

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