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FTTH & Fiber Access

Single-Family Units

Bringing fiber to your doorstep fast and cost-effectively.
  • Underground and aerial
  • Duct infrastructure with air-blown cables or fixed cables

Underground microduct

Air-blown technology gives the fastest and most hassle-free underground installation at typically up to 30% lower total installation cost.


With Hexatronic you get

  • A complete system of robust compatible products and accessories from one single source.
  • Easy handling and unsurpassed installation performance.
  • A robust system that can handle all temperatures and environments all over the world – from Nordic climates to hot deserts.
  • Innovative air-blown installation tool for Stingray ABF and efficient and sustainable delivery forms made of cardboard for both pre-connected and bulk options.

Underground cable

An underground cable solution allows for a fast deployment of a traditional FTTH network without investments in installation tools.

With Hexatronic you get

  • A complete range of robust cable solutions for direct buried as well as in duct deployment.
  • A joint closure range for direct bury or handhole installation. Easy to install without tools thanks to the lids' snap locks.
  • Pre-terminated drop cable options for a fast high quality deployment.

Key products

Aerial microduct

A visually discrete aerial solution with all the benefits of air-blown technology.

With Hexatronic you get

  • A unique end-to-end solution with a hybrid duct assembly to minimize cost.
  • A visually discrete solution where distribution and drop cables share the infrastructure between poles.
  • Pole-mounted closure tailor-made for the application.

Aerial cable

Aerial cable is a straightforward and robust solution that utilizes existing pole lines to connect FTTH customers quickly.

With Hexatronic you get

  • A very cost-effective FTTH solution since existing pole infrastructure can be used and no civil works are required.
  • Efficient and low visual impact pole enclosures that can handle spliced or connectorized drop cables in both P2P and P2MP topologies.
  • Distribution cables and customer drop cables that are robust and easy to install together with optimized fittings and other aerial accessories.
  • Products and accessories adapted for varying wind and ice load conditions.

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