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5G & Wireless infrastructure

Small Cells

Low-powered cellular radio access nodes that operate in a range of 10 meters to a few kilometers. Small cells allow re-using the same frequencies and are a way to increase cellular network capacity, quality, and resilience with a growing focus using LTE Advanced.

Outdoor hybrid

Remote powering of micro radio units enables a new level of flexibility and improved coverage when building 5G networks in dense city centers.


With Hexatronic you get

  • A complete hybrid cable system that includes termination boxes for indoor and outdoor use equipped with units to deliver stabilized 48VDC power and fiber handling to interconnect the transmission to radio units.
  • Installation cost reduction by 50-70% by air-blown hybrid cables.
  • A 110VDC unit powered system protected for overvoltage and shortage to ensure stabilized power feed.

Indoor hybrid

Flexible and easy installation by combined fiber and power cable. Termination boxes with DC/DC units for 48VDC power all Radio Access Units from a centralized UPS.

With Hexatronic you get

  • A complete InOne hybrid system including flame retardant indoor/outdoor hybrid cable, hybrid ODF, and termination boxes for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Safe and stabilized power feed by 'extra low voltage' classified 100VDC units, protected for overvoltage and shortage.

Indoor microduct

Flame retardant microducts with preconnected blowable fiber makes it fast and easy to install complex cable routing from all Radio Access Units to a central Main Unit.

With Hexatronic you get

  • A microduct network that is built day one and the ABF units (Stingray) are air-blown when demand occurs – splice free with pre-connected options.
  • Unlimited transmission distance where the expensive active equipment can be centralized to save cost and simplify maintenance.
  • A visually discrete installation with nanoducts (3mm) where costly core drilling can be avoided.