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The InOne Powered
Fiber System

Hexatronic InOne Powered Fiber System is the ideal way to connect both power and fiber to 5G, CCTV, IoT, and much more.

Why InOne?

InOne Powered Fiber smart infrastructure

Deploy the InOne hybrid power and fiber infrastructure to all your devices. Save on time and civil works, and create redundancy. Monitor the infrastructure of your critical application with the InOne smart network. Eliminate the need of having two networks, one for the power and another for the fiber.

Faster installation

Accomplish faster implementation by blowing InOne cables in microducts.

Own the power

Secure your devices by providing your own power along with the fiber.

Get redundancy & flexibility

Close the network rings to create redundancy. InOne supports all network topologies.

InOne - a solution for many applications

InOne can be used for a diversity of applications such as 5G and WLAN access points, Smart Cities, IoT, Surveillance Systems and much more.

Fixed wireless access

5G FWA deployment involves the complexity of planning and optimization of Radio Access Network coverage, Fiber Access Network connections and Power Network connections. InOne combines two networks into one which reduces the complexity and total cost substantially.


WLAN coverage

Public WLAN access points benefit from the extended reach of PoE by using the InOne systems PoE extender. A single cable in the InOne system can transmit enough power for several daisy chained WLAN access points over distances of 1000 m or more.


Security & surveillance cameras

Owning your own power gives another dimension to the term security and reliability for critical applications. No need to worry about local power interruptions, UPS battery maintenance etc.

A complete system

The The InOne Powered Fiber System consists of all components needed for safe end-to-end transmission of power and fiber.

HDN – Hybrid Distribution node

The HDN consists of a PSU that converts the 230VAC to high but safe 110VDC and a hybrid ODF that combines the fiber from the core switch with the DC output from the PSU into the InOne hybrid cable.

Air-blown ultra slim Hybrid Power/Fiber Cables

A complete range of cables for air-blown microduct installation or indoor installation. For distances up to 2000m. Indoor cables are halogen free and flame retardant according to CE Dca.

HAN – Hybrid Access Node

The HAN regulates the incoming, floating voltage from the HDN to a regulated standard DC voltage and provides a splice in the point for the InOne Powered Fiber solution that will combine both networks into one.

Powered Fiber explained

Powered Fiber is the most efficient way to connect power and fiber the outdoor devices. This video explains how Powered Fiber works, and introduces the Hexatronic InOne Powered Fiber System. 


InOne System & applications

InOne introduction

Watch this brief introduction and find out how the InOne Hybrid Power and Fiber System can achieve high security and redundancy of your critical devices, while saving more than 50% of the infrastructure cost.

InOne hands-on and applications

The InOne is a powered-fiber system for providing power and fiber connectivity to devices. Watch this hands-on demo and gain insights on the advantages with InOne.

Customer stories

Cooperation between Hexatronic and Sichert

In an exciting cooperation between Hexatronic and Sichert, our powered fiber solution InOne is used to showcase how to activate passive infrastructure. Bringing powered fiber to passive cabinets opens up many new business opportunities, such as 5G, public WiFi, LoRaWan, and monitoring.

InOne – optimizes two systems into one

Ayla Oasis Development Company in Jordan were looking for a perimeter CCTV security system and were facing challenges with the size of the project and their requirements for minimum disruption to the infrastructure. The InOne Solution was presented, and they realized that it was of great benefit when optimizing two systems into one, for cost saving and least disruption to the infrastructure.

Online showroom

Book an online meeting in our showroom and learn more about the InOne Solution and its benefits.

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InOne Solution

Forget complicated installations and multiple cables for power and fiber connections. Learn about the advantages with Hexatronic InOne Powered Fiber System.