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What customers think

We always strive to deliver to the best of you, our customers. And, even though our latest customer survey shows a high level of satisfaction, we always aim to improve.

Meet our customers

Learn from some of our customers' challenges and their journeys to better business results.

Case 1

Grizzly Broadband


Ultimately for us, our partnership with Hexatronic means that we are able to fulfill our mission of fiber to everyone in Ravalli county.

Joe Smith, Executive Director of Grizzly Broadband


  • Vast areas to cover with few homes spread apart by great distance.
  • Fiber builds are expensive and it does not pencil out in rural areas.
  • Stress about lead times and material availability.
  • Frozen ground during a part of the year limiting the build-out.
  • Local permitting agencies want to limit handholes and surface infrastructure.


  • The grant funding allows higher priority to the less populated areas.
  • Proactively executing a long-term contract with Hexatronic to provide material for the 3-year project.
  • Using an economical, efficient, and user-friendly solution to deliver fiber.
  • Choosing a technology that allows for installing ducts before having to install fiber.
  • Minimal handholes design


  • Bringing fiber out to every home in the Bitterroot Valley. To the benefit of the community and its inhabitants.
  • The possibility to serve the homes in Ravalli County faster.
  • Peace of mind with a long-term contract with Hexatronic for the supply of material to the entire project.
  • An aesthetic fiber deployment with minimal surface infrastructure.

The biggest value I see in Hexatronic, is the ability to serve so many customers off so little product that you need to put in the ground. It is very easy to work with and user-friendly.

Jordan Bauman, Product Manager at Grizzly Broadband

Case 2:



Our mission at CloudWyze is to bridge the digital divide we see across America. During COVID, it became evident that some of these smaller communities needed the digital infrastructure to do e-learning or remote work. We decided to speed up the deployment to ensure that these towns would have the necessary broadband technologies to compete with the larger cities and keep their residents connected to the world.

Marty McDermott, Chief Operating Officer for CloudWyze.


  • The lack of digital infrastructure in rural areas has caused a digital divide across America. It became more evident during COVID than ever before. 
  • The ambitious time schedule created a large demand for project material.
  • In the fast-expanding and competitive North American market, the high demand has caused a lack of available material for FTTH projects. 
  • Permitting issues causing ebb and flow in the projects. 
  • Micro cabling technology is relatively new in the US market, causing some uncertainty. 


  • Choosing a flexible and engaged partner to supply material with short lead times.
  • Selecting a solution that can easily accommodate future needs.
  • Planning for future growth by installing additional ducts that allow for quick and cost-effective expansion as new developments arise. 
  • Hexatronic knowledge sharing through on-site visits and product education to boost confidence levels and ensure optimal performance.
  • Partnerships with local governments.


  • CloudWyze is on track with the mission to close the digital divide between cities and rural areas. 
  • Many homes are being connected. Fast. 
  • The future-proof network is ready for increased digital demands and new developments ahead. 
  • New expertise in micro cabling technology gives an advantage in future projects. 


I wasn't comfortable with micro cabling at the time because I'd never used it. But as the Hexatronic team came on site and walked us through everything - showed us the product, and looked through the schematics and technology - it built up our confidence level. We now have hundreds of miles of their product in the ground, and it has met all our expectations.

Kyle Lefelhoc, Vice President of Outside Plant for CloudWyze

Case 3:

Kansas Fiber Network: The Kansas City ring


We have to dig up the earth to install ducts. But, if we can say, that we are using a product that uses a reduced amount of raw materials and reduced fuel to get the products delivered and out in the field, that really gives us a leg up when we are pitching our solutions to customers. 

Brian Cornish, Director of Outside Plant for Kansas Fiber Network



  • With the major expansion in the US market, material availability is a big challenge. 
  • The project covered a combination of greenfield build and existing duct systems. 
  • Heightened requirements to reduce environmental impact. 
  • Community affected by the construction traffic and noise. 


  • A partnership with Hexatronic as a one-stop shop
  • One-dig philosophy
  • A strategic choice of using micro ducts and air-blown Viper micro cables.
  • Site Technology support - installation contractor consultation along with field support to make tweaks during the installation process.


  • Minimizing cost and schedule risk using one partner for the complete solution. 
  • Hexatronic increased production capacity in the US to meet the demand of our customers.
  • A future-proof network with excellent scalability to meet the demand of hyper-scale data centers both now and in the future. 
  • A sustainable solution in place. Less raw material used, fewer trucks needed for transport. 
  • A connected society without too much disruption from construction. 

From day one, when we connected with Hexatronic, there was this true partnering spirit that came to the table. It really complemented our core value at KFN, that we are easy to do business with.   

Jerry Kaufmann, Director of Business Development for Kansas Fiber Network

Case 4:

Centric Fiber - Denton Texas Project

Centric Fiber - Denton Texas Project

“Hexatronic really leaned in, understood our business model and efficiencies we were driving towards, and were able to make it come to fruition.”

Jason Palmenberg, President/COO, Centric Fiber, Texas, USA 


  • Meet low total cost of ownership (TCO) expectations.
  • Flexible and scalable network to meet future needs such as 5G.
  • Be rapidly deployed in open trench together with gas lines.
  • Customer preferred invisible infrastructure completely in-ground. (Centric Fiber does use handholes for the FDH access when connecting customers).
  • Minimize or eliminate splicing to have non expatriate staff connect subscribers.


  • Demonstrated lowest TCO by working closely on cost modelling and trial deployments for blown fiber systems.
  • Trained internal resources on how to design efficiently and multiple installation companies trained to deploy.
  • Close coordination on projects and forecasting to ensure materials on site in timely manner.
  • Follow up training with operations and maintenance staff on subscriber connections.
  • Pre-connectorized fiber units for subscriber connections to totally eliminate splicing.


  • Cooperating closely on new product development.
  • Adding manufacturing capacity and logistics resources to ensure future demand is met.
  • Dedicated strategic account manager assigned to support Centric Fiber.
  • Solidified partnership with a three year exclusive strategic supply agreement to support Centric Fiber throughout the state of Texas.
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