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A solution is a combination of compatible products and services adapted to your specific environment, needs, and circumstances.

Why think solution?

Time is money!

Typically, 85% of the installation cost is labor cost. Saving installation time is your key to better business.

A complete product range end-to-end

  • One-stop-shop convenience.
  • All application needs covered.

Designed to work together

  • Verified product compatibility.
  • Hassle-free installation.
  • Unsurpassed performance.

Faster and smaller

  • Air-blown technology 20% faster than standard air-blown systems.
  • Nano-sized products fit into congested pathways without drilling.

Your partner – all the way

  • Knowledge, training, and field support.
  • Fully available from your first call to your fully operating fibre optic network.
  • Materials are delivered directly to your storage or project site.

Solutions for any fiber optic application

With Hexatronic you can have an optimized end-to-end solution for any kind of application.

Air blown fiber

Smart FTTH end-to-end solutions for communities and neighborhoods

Less hassle – more advantages. The Hexatronic Air Blown Fiber System adds several benefits to your fiber network project, such as:

  • Reduction of material and faster deployment.
  • Optical fiber is blown at the time of subscriber connection, significantly reducing the cost of network ownership and network operations.
  • Aesthetically pleasing, with no above-ground components.
  • Easy to use.


In addition, Hexatronic provides training and field support and offers a one-stop-shop convenience of passive fiber optic network components end-to-end.

In this video, you can view how our system works in a community, and gain insights on the advantages and simplicity of using the Hexatronic Air Blown Fiber System.

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