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Wireless infrastructure solutions for coming generations

Explore a complete range of antenna line products and RF solutions from Hexatronic in Canada, and check out the revolutionary InOne Powered fiber system to connect small cells.
This is an aerial view of a snowy landscape with a metal 5G tower in the center. The ground is covered in snow, with a curved path on the left side.

What we offer

Hexatronic in Canada brings to market a wide variety of high quality wireless network components designed for RF applications.  Our portfolio includes a range of antenna line products from various suppliers such as ESB Sistemas, Telegärnter, and FIMO.
  • FTTA Solutions

  • 5G Indoor Antennas

  • Passive DAS components

  • RF Jumper Cables

  • Low PIM RF Connectors

  • Cable Terminators

  • Inter-Series Adaptors

  • Attenuators and Termination Loads

  • Surge Suppressor

  • Fixing Solutions

InOne Powered Fiber

Revolutionizing technology for small cell sites

InOne ultra-slim hybrid cabling provides both power and fiber to CCTV and small cells. Replacing two networks, two civil works, two ducts, and two cables with just one speeds up deployment and saves money. Sounds interesting? 

Our partners

ESB Sistemas

ESB Sistemas offers a broad product portfolio for in-building solutions consisting of antennas, splitters, couplers, combiners, low PIM attenuators, low PIM loads, and more.


Telegärtner's portfolio includes mobile radio components, RF connectors, internal miniature connectors, or precision connectors for laboratory measuring instruments.


FIMO Group provides components and solutions for telecommunications infrastructures, such as cable clamps, wall entries, grounding kits, seals, and cable fixings.

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