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Harsh Environment

Cable Assemblies

In applications where environmental conditions are challenging, the demands for equipment performance are higher. Hexatronic specializes in providing ruggedized cable assemblies designed to thrive in harsh environments. Leveraging our extensive range of harsh environment fiber optic connectors and cables, we offer flexibility in both design and supply.

Our cable offering range from the most robust mil-tac and under water cables to hybrid solutions providing both communication and power in one assembly. We provide a wide range of different connector technologies from light and compact physical contact connectors to the most rugged expanded beam connectors.


Rugged Components

Different environments pose unique challenges. Our harsh environment assemblies are purpose-built for challenging conditions with components designed to excel in scenarios where equipment faces harsh temperatures, water exposure, dust, or other adverse conditions. Having the right components is crucial to enable reliable non-stop connectivity.


Wide range

Utilizing our extensive selection of harsh environment fiber-optic components, Hexatronic is able to offer unsurpassed flexibility in the design and supply of ruggedized cable assemblies. Our offerings include build-to-print services and harness design expertise. We can also offer guidance on the most suitable fiber-optic interconnection solutions for specific environments. Whatever challenging applications and environments you are faced with, we have the resources and expertise to meet your needs.

This image shows a person’s hands working on a complex array of colorful fiber optic wires connected to a machine in an industrial setting.

Local manufacturing

Being close to our customers is a key factor in developing the right products for complex applications with extreme demands of continuous performance. In addition to flexibility, local manufacturing also provides benefits such as shortening the supply chain and reducing environmental impact.


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