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ABF Stripping Scissors

For the Hexatronic Stingray ABF

  • Scissors with ABF sheath removal grooves
  • Handles sheath removal of Hexatronic Stingray ABF quick and easy
  • Practical for various field work
Stripping scissor in stainless steel with ABF sheath removal grooves

These special scissors are equipped with two grooves on the upper side of one of the blades. These are used for removal of the outer sheath on Hexatronic Stingray air blown fibers. The scissors are also practical to use for various other applications.

Technical Information

Installation Notes These scissors are specially shaped for the Hexatronic Stingray air blown fibers only. Do not use for other types of air blown fibers. The two grooves have different depths. Ensure to use the correct groove for your specific type of Stingray fiber.